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Designer Ada was raised with a strong sense of her Polish culture in a loving home where she was encouraged to travel, to learn Spanish, and to experience all that life has to offer. The only daughter in a family of musicians and actors, Ada grew up with a deep love and appreciation for the arts and a need to express her own creative abilities and artistic style. Travelling through Europe and South America opened Ada's imagination to the world of personalizing her simple, classic outfits with a multitude of fun, edgy accessories she found along the way. Moving to the cosmopolitan beach town of Santa Barbara solidified Ada's love for wearing bright colors and soft, flowing fabrics, and always with some unique hemline or twist to keep things modern and eye catching. To Ada, playing with fashion has always been about self-expression and fun. Keeping up with the latest trends was easy for her, and putting her own twist on those styles just seemed obvious. It wasn't until Ada moved to Argentina, however, that she stumbled upon her life's path as a designer. She was dazzled by the array of shoes and purses available to her in colors she only dreamed up in her mind, constructed with a quality of leather she'd never seen before. Ada was fascinated and started making her own adjustments to these styles. Something was always off, and Ada couldn't resist making those improvements. Removing a buckle, adjusting some straps, looking for a more angular cut or cleaner finish – she wanted to take these high quality products and add her versatile and modern spin on them. She started asking for design changes from the factories directly, creating more, chic and contemporary versions that appealed to the women back home that were buying her creations. Designing came naturally to Ada – her inspiration spontaneously sparked by shapes and colors she noticed in nature and the daily life around her, her eyes open and her sketchbook always ready. By a fortunate turn of events, Ada moved to Buenos Aires and within a few months - found her passion in life. She had the eye of an artist and the instinct of a trendsetter. Her clean, sophisticated style is evident and personal to her tastes, and yet Ada's collection is designed to inspire today's modern woman in search of her own bold self-expression.

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